How To Improve At Casinos In 60 Minutes

You have heard about a casino bonus system, but what is it and how does it work? Most any online casino that offers a bonus has a bonus system. It is designed to keep track of the rules and requirements for any bonus for them and for you, without having to deal with your own calculations and confusing.


The Standard Casino Bonus System

Because every casino that offers bonuses, also have a set of regulations that must be followed with these bonuses, something has to keep track of it. This is where the bonus system comes in handy for everyone involved the casino and the player. First, think about the different bonuses.

Matching bonus, deposit bonus, regular player bonus, specific game bonus, and so on. There are many, so many in fact that the different requirements could become confusing. The casino bonus system is designed to separate your own money and winnings from the bonus money. In other words, it gives you three calculations. The first will be your own money and the winnings you have earned. The second will be the bonus money. The third calculation will be a total combined of the first two.

As you play, the bonus system will take away from the bonuses, which gives you a good idea of what is left of the requirements that you must meet. In other words, if you are receiving a bonus that requires a certain amount of wagers within games before you can withdrawal, then the system will keep track of this for you. Counting down to your pending withdrawal, giving you the ability to look easily and determine what it takes to meet the goals.

Before the casino bonus system, you would have to keep track of your bonuses yourself or contact support to tell you where you stand. With the system, you can easily watch as your bonuses are earned and everything is calculated in real time. So, at any time during your play, you can look to see where you and your bonuses stand, as well as just how many play throughs are standing between you and that free money.

The casino bonus system has become the online casino player’s best friend these days. It takes the guess work out of bonuses, it makes playing more enjoyable, and it actually saves you time as opposed to having to calculate everything yourself or write to support to figure it out.


Realistic Online Casino Experience – Roulette With Live Dealers

By this time, you might have learned that roulette comes in two versions, the American and European, which can be played on an online casino; but to give a bit of history, the game was first played in France, during which it was known as small wheel. This time, such games are known around the world being available online – and speaking of online, the online feel of the game has been enhanced by including a live dealer for online gamers to add to the realistic fun. With live online dealers, one need not depend on randomly generated numbers, since the live dealer is there to spin the wheel. On the other hand, free roulette playing is now available for everyone.


You can just be amazed at the gorgeous lass that conduct live roulette online, and you could just be captivated. Playing has never been so much fun but more than that, you can be certain that not only does the game come up with authentic figures but also has outcomes that are trustworthy. However, it is not uncommon to find players who are doubtful of the way numbers are generated, considering they are generated over the web where things to work on the virtual plane and there is a tendency for outcomes to be manipulated. Nevertheless, the validity of generation of numbers is the same as that of a land based casino; and also you can make yourself visible to other players by using your webcam while watching other players at the same time.

What happens is that the actions of the live dealer of roulette is caught on record, streamed right onto your screen as though you were only at a land casino, thereby bringing the casino feel in your room. A lot of players in many land based casinos in the different places in the world find roulette to be the hottest game. But you need not be at any land based casino just to feel the excitement of playing roulette-in fact, a lot of people don’t find driving to the nearest venue quite convenient.

Convenience and Big Opportunities

Finding land based casinos and finding a place once you get to one are two irksome tasks for many people, and these are why many people are opting to play on an online casino. Playing online allows people to get rid of the smoke and chatter, typical of land based venues, and thus online gaming has become a widely accepted trend. With online gaming, you still can feel the realism because a live dealer conducts the show the way it’s done at true venues-you would not think there’s ever a need to visit a brick and mortar game venue


Top 5 Tips How To Study For Your Next Test

Do you have a test on Monday? Are your palms sweating at the very thought of a test? Do you have that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach? Don’t panic. Brain research has shown the most effective ways we learn and process information. Apply these study skills and they will help you ace that test!

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Tips How To Study #1 – Index Cards
The brain processes information in chewable bits. Get a stack of index cards. Lay out the information you need to learn in front of you. On each individual card write down one fact you need to know. This could be important dates, key individuals, basic concepts or vocabulary definitions vital for your test. Get everything you need to know in tiny pieces on separate index cards. Yes, there are going to be a lot of cards. That is okay. In the next step you are going to organize them but for now just get all of the needed information down on the index cards.

Done? Okay. Here is how you are going to maximize the way your brain absorbs information. Everyone sees the world in a slightly different way. Think about how you see the world. Say you had to study World War II. Giant topic. Let’s break it down to chronological order. Makes sense, right? Now think about how your brain might organize the information in just the first month of World War II. Do you categorize by nationality or by weapons used? Maybe you see the conflict through key military and diplomatic personalities involved in the war? Reflect on the way you see this information in your mind. The way you view the information is how you should organize your index cards.

Tips How To Study #2 – Study Group
Study Groups are a great way to motivate yourself to study for a test if you know you have procrastination tendencies. (And who doesn’t?) Start a study group to review information before your test. Dole out the information you need to know in chances to each person. Now that person is responsible for learning that chance of information inside and out. The next time the study group meets, each person has to teach their information to the group and answer any questions. If you know you have to teach this material, then there is high motivation to really master the material yourself. The internal pressure of belonging to a study group the whole year will keep you on track in a way that you might not be able to if left to your own devices.

Tips How To Study #3 – Know Your Limits
You have been there, cramming material the night before, not sure if anything is really getting inside your mind. Everything gets blurry and you realize that you have been on an imaginary tropical island the past 40 minutes. Time to get up! The brain can only focus on information for so long, about 45 minutes of concentration at a time. After 45 minutes you need to get some fresh oxygen to the brain. Take a short walk, do some sit ups, stretch your arms or some other kind of physical activity that will pump your blood around faster than sitting still in a chair. Sometimes you get the best ideas and insights while you focus your mind on something else.

Tips How To Study #4 – Use What You Already Know
The brain learns new information best by attaching the new material to already mastered information. For example, before you mastered the menu at Starbucks you had to learn what basic coffee tasted like. Once you knew that, then you could add cream, milk, soy milk and discovered what you liked best. Then you learned what sweetener you wanted to add, but you had to learn about raw sugar, honey, artificial sweeteners, not to mention the whole world of flavored syrups. So, your brain mastered all of that information by adding bits at a time, adding the unfamiliar to the familiar


Do You Qualify for an H-1b Employment Visa?

The H-1b visa is an extremely beneficial visa available to foreign professionals wishing to work and live in the United States. To qualify as a professional, the applicant must have a Bachelors degree from a US university or the equivalent from a foreign institution. Individuals that do not have a Bachelors degree from a US university or from a foreign institution can use their years of experience in the field as equivalent.

Schengen Visa Countries List

Many foreign professionals living abroad or in the United States are eligible to obtain the H-1b visa and do not know it. Those that qualify for the H-1b visa are authorized to live and work in the US for a maximum of 6 years. During those 6 years, the H-1b visa holder may obtain an approved Labor Certification from the Department of Labor and ultimately be eligible to apply for lawful permanent residence (Green Card). Remember, however, that there is a wait after the Labor Certification is approved. Depending on your level of education and experience, you may be eligible to obtain your Green Card within a year or within approximately 5 years. Only those that have a Masters degree or above and several years of experience will be able to apply for their Green Card within a year after their Labor Certification is approved.

US Immigration laws allow the applicant to apply years of experience in the field of profession in lieu of years of education. In specific, Immigration laws accept three years of experience as equivalent to one year of education. Therefore, even if the applicant has never stepped foot in a university in the US or abroad, the applicant can still qualify for the H-1b visa as long as he or she has twelve years of experience in the field. Alternatively, if the applicant has some years of education, he or she can apply three years of experience for each year needed to complete a Bachelors Degree. This means that an applicant that has two years of university and 6 years of on-the-job experience will qualify as a professional for the H-1b visa. In addition, the H-1b applicant must have a job offer from a US company closely related to his or her field of profession.

Requirements for an H-1b visa:

  • 1. Have entered the US with a valid visa;
  • 2. Have not overstayed the authorized period of time listed on the visa;
  • 3. Have a bachelors degree from a US university or a foreign university, or 12 years of experience in the field of sought employment
  • 4. Have a job offer with a US company that is closely related to their experience and/or educational background;
  • 5. Apply for a change of status to the H-1b visa or for consular process if outside of the US by the deadline; April 1st, 2008.

A valid visa assumes that the visa is up to date and that the person has not overstayed the date on the document. An extremely popular misconception is that the person is still eligible to apply for the H-1b visa having overstayed the period of time allowed on a previous visa. This occurrence is extremely common and tends to get many people in trouble or cause them unnecessary time and expense. We see this time and time again.

As a result of the global economy we live in today, employment of foreign talent is extremely common in the US. If you wait to begin your H-1b visa process, you may end up like the hundreds of thousands of persons whose applications were denied last year. These people received denials simply because the quota (66,000) had been reached before noon the very first day that USCIS began accepting these visa applications. The amount of H-1b applications received by the USCIS was so many that it was forced to have to use a lottery system to determine which applications it would review. This type of decision making had never occurred in the history of the H-1b visa.

Based on the clear advantages that the H-1b visa provides to the visa holder and his or her family, it is an extremely popular employment visa in the United States. The USCIS receives more applications each year and the quota of 66,000 visas per year has not increased. If you satisfy the requirements set out by US Immigration laws and have a job offer in the US, begin your H-1b case today.


Did I Make My Point? (How to Write a Clear, Concise Essay)

Whether you are working on a writing assignment for a class or are faced with the chore of putting together an essay to be submitted along with an MBA application, the same basic questions arise: How do I start this thing? What is the best way of putting my ideas down on paper? How do I get my point across to the reader?

There is no great mystery involved here. There are four fundamental steps that must be followed in order to create a clear, readable essay that is on the mark and displays your best effort.

The first step is to fully understand the assignment and to reflect on what you are being asked to do. What is the topic? What ancillary themes are supposed to be written about? Is there a particular style that is required, such as autobiographical writing? If, for example, the instructions indicate that the essay is to be about “…a major crisis in your life, how you faced it, and what it taught you about yourself, including heretofore unrecognized weaknesses,” then you would need to put a great deal of thought into your own life experiences.

Yes, there are times when you cannot think of any experience in your life which meshes with the assigned topic. Maybe you have never faced a crisis. Lucky you. If that is the case, then you may need to bring the topic down a little…from crisis to problem. It is generally acceptable to write about a slightly different theme from the one that is being called for, if you must. In example stated above, you would simply indicate that the problem about which you are going to write is the closest to a crisis that you have ever experienced.

Some people, when they cannot think of an experience from their own lives that fits the assigned topic, borrow events form other people’s lives or they fabricate situations for use in their essays. This is generally not a good idea for two reasons. If you are being asked to write about your own life, then using someone else’s experiences or manufacturing an incident may result in an essay that does not ring true. There is also the possibility that your creative attempts may be discerned by the reader.

College homework help

In any case, once you have fully understood and spent time thinking about the assigned topic, it time for the second step-planning your essay. The best method, in terms of planning a well-organized essay, is to write an outline. You may use any format that is comfortable for you, from scratch notes to a formal outline, such as the one below, in which what is written next to each Roman numeral (in bold) is what will be in a paragraph in the actual essay:My Greatest Crisis

  1. Everyone faces problems at one time or another.
    1. Most problems are solvable.
    2. Some problems are serious enough to be called crises.
    3. Dealing with a crisis is difficult.
    4. Sometimes, there is not satisfactory solution to a crisis.
    5. The effects of some crises may be long-lasting.

  2. I faced a crisis when my mother developed Alzheimer’s Disease.
    1. The responsibility of caring for her fell to me.
    2. At first, my mother moved in with my wife and me, and I was able to take care of her, with help from my wife and a neighbor.
    3. As my mother’s condition deteriorated, I had to spend more time with her.
      1. My wife and I rarely went out after work or on weekends, and I sometimes had to take days off from my job.
      2. The neighbor felt that she could not cope with my mother’s worsening condition.
      3. My mother’s illness made it impossible for us to invite people to our house.

Don’t Play a Boring Chess Game – Use a Marble Chess Set

Chess is an exciting game for some people because there is a lot of action involved on the board while non-players just see two people brooding over wooden pieces. The pieces in the chess set are always the same. They consist of the king, queen, bishops, knights, castles and pawns. Normally, these pieces are black and white, while the chessboard has black and white squares that are alternately arranged.

Chess players and chess manufacturers used this standard looking chess set for many decades. But this doesn’t mean that your chess set should look the same as others. Board games don’t have to look boring or the same as everyone else’s. There are chess sets that are made of different materials, which allow you to show your individuality to the rest of the world.

Chess sets are commonly made from wood while there are some that are made from glass, plastic or marble. A marble chess set is something that is very durable and elegant. While glass denotes the modern and the present, marble chess sets reflect tradition and a refined taste. The main aspect of marble is that it is multi-colored and typically used for sculpture. However, this is only partially correct since there are many uses of marble, including the creation of well-crafted chessboards and pieces.

It is true that marble is commonly multi-colored, but since there are two opposing teams represented by different colors, a marble chess set needs to have different colors for each side. Manufacturers do not paint over the marble; instead there are different kinds of marble from all over the world that have unique colors. For example, in Italy, they have white or blue-gray marble while in Greece they have translucent marble. Belgium has red marble. These different types and colors are used to create the chessboard as well as the different pieces of the chess set.

Marble chess sets are very durable and can withstand extremes in weather and temperature. Marble sets are excellent for use outdoors and can be left in the sunshine, rain or snow without being damaged. It can actually become a permanent fixture on your porch or patio, so you don’t have to be confined to playing chess indoors.


As with most things in life, marble chess sets come in a variety of qualities and prices. It all depends on the size of the board and squares, the size of the chessmen, and the finish. Some sets are highly polished and exude a brilliant glossy finish, while others have lower quality sheen. They all look good, but the differences in quality can become very apparent when they are presented side by side. Only your preference and wallet limit the type of set you choose.

Chess sets can vary in the materials, the color of the pieces and the actual physical appearance of the pieces. There are some manufacturers who create different themes for the different pieces, giving new life to the board game. Sitting down at a marble chess set will set the stage for an enjoyable game of chess


5 Gift Ideas for Homebrewers and Beer Enthusiasts

Homebrewing is a rewarding and engaging hobby that is growing tremendously in popularity. Many men and women alike have discovered the art and science of brewing beer and making wine, mead, cider, and other fermented drinks. The key to the draw of this hobby is the constant desire to attain better and better results.

If you’re an outsider to homebrewing, it may seem like trying to give your homebrewer a brewing-related gift is off-limits due to the complexity of the hobby and your lack of knowledge in the area. This does not have to be the case!

Brewing Starter Kits (for the not-yet brewer)

There are numerous kits available on the web, they come in a range of completeness, and all share common characteristics. The necessities are:

  • Fermenter – This is either a Paper Bags in Vietnam bucket with a lid fitted with an o-ring seal, or a glass or plastic “carboy”, which looks like a large jug. A kit with two fermenters allows the ability to improve clarity and flavor by allowing the brewer to transfer the beer to a secondary vessel for aging and clearing.
  • “Racking” Accessories – “Racking” is the act of transferring beer from one vessel to another. This always has to be done at least once during the beermaking process. A kit will include a length of clear plastic tubing which can be used to siphon beer, and may include additional siphon accessories. A plunger-action automatic siphon starter will save a lot of frustration, and starting a siphon can be unsanitary without one.
  • Hydrometer – This simple instrument is used to measure the specific gravity of the beer throughout the brewing process. It enables the brewer to gauge the completeness of fermentation, and helps him or her avoid the dreaded “bottle bombs” that can happen when still-fermenting beer is sealed into glass bottles.
  • Packaging Equipment – This can be as simple as a bag of crown caps and a capper, but some more expensive kits may include a starter kegging setup.

Equipment kits are priced from around $50 to upwards of $300.

Equipment Upgrades (for the brewer who is already hooked on the hobby)

There is a long list of upgrades to the basic starter kits which brewers will appreciate. They essentially fall into one of two categories: those that help a brewer improve the quality of his product, and those that make the brewing process quicker, easier, and more enjoyable.

Most brewers are most interested in improving quality. Here are some of the top quality-enhancing upgrades to the basic extract brewing kits:

  • 6 Gallon (or greater) Boiling Pot – the ability to boil the full 5 gallon volume of “wort” (unfermented beer) will increase the quality of the finished beer noticeably. Any pot with the required volume will do, but cheap enamel-coated pots tend to chip or crack. A quality stainless pot is ideal. These pots can be found through normal retailers or homebrewing suppliers, and range from $30 to $200 for fancy brew kettles eqiupped with valves, thermometers, etc.
  • Wort Chiller – the boiled wort must be cooled before yeast can be added. This is time-consuming without a chiller, which usually consists of a large coil of copper tubing through which cold water can be flowed. Quickly chilling the hot wort avoids a specific off-flavor common in homebrewed beer. These start at around $50.
  • Temperature Controller – The fermentation temperature of beer plays an enormous role in the flavor of the finished product. A temperature controller allows a refrigerator (or heating pad, etc) to be used to obtain a specific temperature. These start around $55, but require a fridge or heating apparatus.
  • Yeast Stir Plate – A chronic problem with newer brewers is that they add too little yeast to their beer. This has a very detrimental effect on the quality of the beer. Yeast culturing stir plates are the best way to grow up large colonies of healthy yeast, and are an upgrade highly desired by many brewers. Most stir plates start at upwards of $100, but a stir plate designed specifically for the homebrewer is offered by at least one company on the web.

Custom “Homebrewery” Gear (for the novice to expert brewer, or beer lover)

Almost every homebrewer has fantasies of being a pro brewer. The first comment of “You really made this beer?” is enough to set the wheels spinning. Most homebrewers create a brewery name for themselves, and many design and print labels for their bottles. Some brewers have become so involved in the hobby that they seem to have purchased every piece of equipment they will ever want. Custom brew gear is a new category of products, and is perfect for these brewers